Monday, 7 March 2011

"There is only one success-to be able to spend your life in your own way"

My first outfit of the day post, bit worried as its a bit crap to be honest, But there is a first time for everything!

Basically its really sunny but cold in cornwall at the moment, i was meant to stay in and finish my project plan.... but when i opened your curtains and saw how beautiful it was outside i just had go out...
So i ventured into town for a browse, Cornwall has some amazing charity shops! 

Also i was thinking about wearing this outfit tomorrow, i have a big production meeting for the big fashion event i'm working on! What do you think?

                                                       Leather Coat: Primark: £18
                                                       Dress: Charity Shop: £2
                                                       Tippet: From an old coat
                                                       Belt: Primark: £2

The bag is a gift from my lovely Nana, it was her's when she was younger! I love this bag to bits!

Wedges (well worn!!): Ebay £8

Beautiful Bag! 

Brought myself some new make up, and being a skint student i brought some of boots natural collection range, three items for £5... which is so cheap! And its actually not that bad, its really smooth and stays on all day!

Not a very good picture but im wearing my favorite earring, a silver cross from a local piercing shot. It was only £1.50!

It was my 21st recently and my little sister got my this lip gloss called 'Sexy mother plucker'. Tried it out a few days ago and i normally have really thin lips, but look how good it is!! Its a bit more pricey than other lip gloss but if you have thin lips like me its defiantly worth buying! If you also dab your lips with water its meant to  make your lips expand 10x as much. Awesome! 

How is everyone today? 

Love to all 


  1. i love this look! the dress is gorgeous, such a lovely charity shop find! the charity shops where i live are awful :)

  2. first of all thanks for stopping by! Secondly Im loving the outfit!.. xx

  3. You're an awesome bargain hunter!!!

    Love the tippet - just the right touch!

    Following you - stop back and follow if you like, and thanks for your lovely comment :-)


  4. What a lovely dress you have on! What kind of print is it though? Can't quite figure out... It looks a bit floral, but kind of unusually so!

    P.S. Thanks so much for your kind words about my blog :) Hope you do get to make a stop in Prague, it's such a gorgeous and friendly city!

  5. love your hair! it's the perfect accessory to any outfit! thanks for stopping by. new follower as well!


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